What others have experienced


I was recommended Angela by a friend in the hope that she would help rid me of anxieties that I had been lumbered with over the last few years. 

Always the sceptic, after arranging an appointment and meeting with Angela, I felt immediately at ease. Angela explained the treatment and what the benefits of BWRT were and that for the treatment to work, I wouldn’t even need to explain what my issues were.  The treatment itself was extremely powerful for the mind and afterwards, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. 

Angela offered a follow up session a few weeks afterwards if I needed it, however to date, this hasn’t been necessary as I realise that I don’t have the time to have insignificant anxieties affecting my life and I am now well rid!

I can’t recommend this treatment enough – thank you Angela.  

(Name withheld for privacy)

- - -

" My sessions with Angela have been nothing short of amazing. Immediately during my first session I felt comfortable and at ease, and through using pictures I was able to work through some issues, which has improved my confidence immensely. Recently, after struggling for months to get a job, I was successful in an interview and gained employment- something I am certain I wouldn't have been able to achieve without Angela's help. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, the sessions are always fascinating and powerful, and the effects are breathtaking! "

(Name withheld for privacy, Age 20, Kirkcaldy)

Note from me, the pictures mentioned above is a form picture tapping with EFT and is actually a fun thing to and achieves amazing results.

- - -

" With Angela's expert help and guidance, I have managed to identify and work on some major limiting beliefs/blocks I've had all my life, particularly around a lack of energy.  I feel very safe in her hands and I would recommend Mind Change to anyone"

(Fiona, Livingston)

- - -

" 6 months ago my life was in complete turmoil.  I was at my lowest point in my life.  No one could understand the feeling of despair inside me.  Thankfully at this point I was introduced to Angela and EFT.  After working on the principles and techniques of EFT, my mindset and attitude has changed beyond belief.  I am no longer help back by limiting beliefs.  I am at peace with myself and excited about what my future holds. The world is no longer a scary place "

(Yvonne, Kirkclady)

- - -

" Thank you Angela for an amazing treatment...powerful, focused and compassionate.  I felt very safe throughout and the session itself was very focused and reached deep seated issues.  Came away feeling much stronger and empowered.

Would recommend without reservation ! "

(Marian Laing, Kirkcaldy, Fife)

- - -

" Angela had been explaining to me for some time the benefits of EFT, and I have to admit I was a little more than sceptical. Something that sounded too good to be true must actually be too good to be true!

However, I'd been struggling with various mood related problems that were getting worse, and came to the point where I was about to visit the GP and look at medication options. I really don't like going to the doctor, and see medication as a last resort, so things were pretty bad.

One evening, Angela gave it one more shot at persuading me about EFT, and I decided to give it a go - after all, I reckoned, no substances were involved, so what could be the harm?

Angela listened to my concerns, and helped me to articulate them in a way that really clarified what could be going on. She quickly put me at ease, and guided me into a state of relaxation - she has a real skill for empathy and has a completely trustworthy manner.

I'd describe the process as a mixture of deep relaxation and mind over matter. As part of the process, Angela took me to "meet" my younger self in a specific memory, and I found that to be a completely fascinating exercise, as well as a profoundly liberating one. To anyone who might be afraid of visiting a memory, I'd say it's ok to trust Angela - she is very aware of how you are feeling, and won't take you beyond your comfort zone. It isn't something I'd try on my own - I think it's really important to be guided by someone who knows what they are doing (and Angela definitely does).

The experience has stayed with me for several months now, and my outlook has remained positive as a result. I don't mind admitting this is mind-blowing stuff, and the fact is I haven't had to go to the doctor, after all. That's 100% down to the EFT/MR work that Angela did that evening "

(Jackie, Glasgow)

- - - 

I have now had the pleasure of two BWRT sessions with the amazingly talented Angela. Each time I have come away feeling like the issue has been addressed head on and a strategy put in place to help with it resurfacing. It’s amazing the power of this therapy and I can’t recommend both Angela and her approach enough. Thank you, thank you 

(Ellie, Kirkcaldy)

What others have experienced


Hi Angela, thank you so much for introducing me to EFT therapy, it has certainly helped me in my daily life and along with the lovely persona that you have adds to the experience being so therapeutic and relaxing.  I highly recommend you as a teacher and therapist, 5 gold stars for you, keep up the good work.

(Valerie, Kirkcaldy)

- - -

A person should not expect to go through life without experiencing changes to personal and/or work life. What can knock you off is a catalogue of events with massive impacts which come left field in a short succession of time. That’s what happened to me on my journey. It all happened within a period of 6 weeks and I had to choose, fight or flight. I fought. Long and hard actually for 18 months and never dealt with any of it!

There was no time for me! My schedule was dictated by working full time and being a single parent. I coped, on reflection now, rather well but that was on the face of it. Underneath I’d fallen apart and was broken.

I hit the pause button. Was signed off from work, which I felt at the time was the worst thing. It was the only ‘normal’ thing that kept me going. Life as a single parent is pretty lonely. There’s only you and your child. Yes - I have friends but my schedules didn’t align and they had their own lives, and as an only child myself with older parents, I didn’t want them to worry more than necessary so was selective about what I told them. I was ‘managing’ on my own and it was a lonely life with too much time on my hands to think and over think!

I’d been for counselling before, expecting someone to dissect my life and tell me what to do...that didn’t happen! Id even plucked up courage to call employee assistance line offered to me through work and at the end they said to call back and speak again if I needed to! If I needed to??? I may as well have opened he window and spoken to someone walking past - whoever it happened to be!!!

I later opened up to a friend who had said she’d mentioned what was going on with me to Angela and she said she could help! I was at a point where I didn’t even want to leave the house, getting out of bed was an effort, I couldn’t make good life decisions, I was horrible, I lacked confidence and had low self-esteem. Sure I’ll give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?!?!

I’d never heard of BWRT before and a new concept of not having to share my story was surreal but I grasped the concept - it was my life story, I had the capability to work through it and reshape it.

My first session was long and very teary and over a further course of individual therapies with Angela, the pieces of the puzzle started to change, I was back in control, I could sort this! I continued to embrace my time with Angela and once I focused harder on the memories to overwrite them, I had a new strategy for each situation and I became less teary and emotionally charged when talking about them.

Angela is very good at what she does. She listens effectively and leaves you in control of what you share and encourages you to change your thinking! I’ve never experienced anything like it and would definitely go back and see Angela if I found myself starting to fall off the path in future.

There has been a definite shift in me and my thinking and how I view historic memories, the emotions and feelings I have toward them and how I will think differently to new situations that fall my way. I’ve stopped being completely selfless and worrying about what other people think....looking back a lot of my own stuff started from my own childhood and the so called positive phrases that my mother would use, that sat at the crux of how I went about things. I can even see that beginning to repeat with my daughter and her, so have been quick to nip that in the bud. I now don’t care what other people think as I can’t control what they do or say and it’s exhausting playing out he part of each character in any situation...so as a naturally analytical and over thinking individual, this has been a massive change for me!

I can now look in a mirror and am content with who I see looking back, I’ve never owned many mirrors, I don’t consider myself to have been vain at any point and I’m
Still not! I’m taking much more interest in me and how I look and feel. I’m interested in me! I’ve not lost who I am, I’ve found parts of me that I’ve had hidden as a result of how I’ve been made to feel, well I’m now happy with me, I’m confident and better equipped for whatever happens next. Angela helped me work through that and I will always be grateful to her for that.

If any of what I’ve said resonates with you, then you’ve nothing to lose....give it a go and do it for you! Approach it with an open mind and learn new strategies for what’s still to come! Good Luck! :-)

(Pamela, Fife)

- - -

" I just wanted to express my gratitude for finding you in my life and working with you as a EFT practitioner. I honestly can't still believe how powerful your techniques are - from having that 'hurricane' inside my mind, soul and all body for a whole week, you were able to totally shift any negative emotions, fears, anxiety and confused mind just with one hour of EFT yesterday evening.  I tried 4 different supplements to help me relieve the stress and anxiety but there was no such a magical tool as your EFT session!!!!!!! After our session yesterday, I absolutely felt like the hurricane has gone and instead, sun and 'calm water' have replaced the storm in my body. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the wonderful person and practitioner you are! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for responding so urgently to my needs and calling me over Skype and working with me even in the late hours of the evening"

(Mariya, London via Skype)

- - -

I have suffered chronic pain in my neck for 24 years.  For 22 years I have not taken painkillers and learned to pain manage which had been difficult and affected my temperament from time to time.

Since being introduced to the concept, I have gained knowledge and understanding about the subconscious and the minds ability to expel pain.  Some of the techniques have assisted me in better pain management and emotion control.

Long term use of painkillers have side effects, hence why I looked at pain management.  Alternatives are better.

I strongly recommend trying the techniques offered by Angela at Mind Change, as it has assisted me greatly.  My family noticed the difference. Thanks

(Stuart, Fife)

- - - 

I had a few sessions with Angela and this really does work felt amazing afterwards highly recommend her and she makes you feel so welcome and at ease as well

(Valeria, Facebook)

- - -

I have previously worked with the lovely Angela on old issues and had mentioned to her my phobia Trypophobia, a fear of shapes and patterns (google the images if you dare). She suggested trying BWRT to “shift” this and after just one session, I was able to look at images I couldn’t stomach before. It’s amazing how quick and simple the process is and well worth the time spent with Angela. She’s kind and caring and excellent at what she does. You spend money on your hair and nails to make yourself look nice but paying to make yourself feel better on the inside is priceless and you should defo consider this. Thank you again Angela x

(Ellie, Facebook)

- - - 

I can't and probably will never found the right words to THANK YOU enough for the numerous BWRT sessions you had with me and the MASSIVE positive changes your work has made in any aspect of my life -from career change to personal relationship issues.

You HAVE THE HIDDEN POWER as an extremely experienced BWRT practitioner to SHIFT away any negative subconscious thoughts to such an extent to see immediate results straight away after the session has ended up.

It's amazing how this therapy works and how quickly you can notice your negative thoughts disappearing within literally days.

There is no single pill or any other method that can provide me with similar results!

I can't recommend Angela enough and BWRT!!!

(Mariya, Facebook)

My clients have kindly agreed to share their experiences of my therapy with you.  This will give you a flavour of what can be achieved through working with me to tackle a variety of issues.