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Hello, glad you've made it......

You can feel it, the time has come.  You just don't want to go on feeling the same way day in and day out and you realise there must be something or someone that can help you.  So welcome, you have come to the right place.

There is a reason you are here, now, reading this.  Whatever your personal circumstances are, you can be sure that Mind Change techniques can help.  


An easy explanation......

A Modern Therapy for a Modern World

BWRT can rewrite your internal hard drive.

Your brain works like a Super Computer, it learns programmes from the things you experience in your life, then when it gets fired up, it looks for the programme it thinks best matches that situation and plays it back to you, over and over and over again.

However, although you have a Super Smart Brain, there is a part of it that doesn't know fact from fiction and that's the bit we can target with BWRT.

This part of your brain is often referred to as the Reptilian Complex.  It sounds weird, but it basically means it's the very oldest part of your brain that first evolved in humans.

When you feel fear it's that part of your brain that gets activated, the so called "flight or fight" response.  The part of your brain concerned with ANY threat to your survival.

In Ancient Times, that threat to your survival would come from something like a sabre tooth Tiger.  But in our Modern Day, that Tiger has been replaced with all manner of situations and experiences.

For example, your Tiger might be a colleague at work who you can't get along with and stresses you out.  Your Tiger might be something that happened to you as a child, that you feel has affected the rest of your life.  Or it may be a failed relationship that you can't move on from.

We all have our Tigers...in that you are definitely not alone.

The Good News !  You can rewire that internal hard drive of yours.  Just imagine the thought of creating all those new neural pathways in your brain - now isn't that Exciting !

So try BWRT for yourself...let it tame YOUR tiger.

BWRT is Brain Working Recursive Therapy, a fantastic technique. It enables you to address your issues in a "content free" fashion, meaning your therapist does not need to know what they are. This powerful technique therefore allows you to address sensitive issues and things that may have been troubling you for a long time.   Small and large traumas can be addressed, guilt, shame, sorrow, loss, sadnesses, etc.  This amazing technique can really make a difference in your life, replacing old thought patterns with new ones that better suit the life you want to live.


Be the Best Version of Yourself......

Have you heard of "Limiting Beliefs" ?  These are our thoughts and fears which hold us back from being the very best version of ourselves, from who we were really meant to be.  They influence our emotions and cause us to suffer fear, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, stress, pain, illness and develop phobias, the list goes on.

MIND CHANGE techniques offering Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting are powerful tools that can help us shift our perspectives and how we view ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.